MyPhotoclub Registration & Upload Instructions

New User Registration:

  • Determine if you need to Register, by checking for your name on the list at the bottom
  • If “No Login Found”, then
    • Go to and select Login/Register
    • Select “New Account” and complete all the details
    • Password requirements include:
      • A mix of UPPER and lowercase letters
      • Plus, numbers and optionally, special characters if you want to use them
      • Expect a minimum length of 8 characters and more is better
    • Login to your email, as per the website instructions, to complete the verifications steps
    • Once registered, please send an email to advising your registration is complete. You will then be added as a member.
  •  To return to the Main Screen (Home) click on the Taree Photographic Club icon, on the far left hand side near the top
  • Otherwise, Log on to the website

Process to Upload Images:

  • Once logged in, select the MEMBERS button
    • Make sure you have been confirmed as a linked member to the Taree Club
  • Then COMPETITIONS button
  • Select the UPLOAD button on the competition month where the image is to be uploaded
  • Go to the “click or drag an image here” section and select the image to be uploaded
  • Images can only be 1920 wide and 1200 high. Any larger size will upload but will then be rejected as incorrect size. If that happens, click on the red button to start again and then one more click to LOAD ANOTHER IMAGE.
  • Images will upload and then you need to provide a correct title to be used. You do not need to identify A or B grade, or your random number, or the Judging Category. Just the image title.
  • Below the image title field, you need to select the Image Category, which is either a Set Subject Image, or an Open Image. Plus, it can be a “Digital” entry or a “Print” entry.
  • The digital file for the “Print” entry must still be uploaded to ensure judging comments and scoring can be completed. The Print will be judged, not the uploaded image.
  • Then Submit your entry – green button
  • Once you have selected at least one “Print” image, then you will see a red button appear, which is used to print the labels for each print. Ensure you attach the matching label to the back of the print.
  • Same process to load all images, max of 6 per month per person. Club Competition rules still apply.
  • You can load images for any future competition at any time. And remove and replace if you want to, up until the closing time listed on the page for that Competition. (Typically, this will be late evening on the Competition entry evening)
    • So, bonus here: you can be organised with no last-minute rushing!
  • Remember, your login is your ID, and your Grading, to all images. Therefore, you are unable to load another person’s images for them. This can only be done by an Administrator.