Club History

 As far as we are able to determine the club started in 1986, meeting in the Manning Gardens School. Meetings were held there for a few months and then shifted to the Parsonage where meetings were held for quite some time before moving to the Presbyterian Church Hall. The Club’s next move was to RSL on the river bank were we remained until we made the move to Wingham Rd with Club Taree, This was done because Club Taree have been good to the Photographic Club providing us much support and accomodating us when we needed to hold any special events.
Eric     Bierre          was            the       first        President.   Eric         was         great          photographer, and               was          t he      person        who      made      the       original       Cinesound       introduction        with       the laughing        Kookaburra.
The        Club        has       a       distinguished        record      of        winning       many       trophies        at      the Norhhern     Zone       Convention      of           Photographic       Clubs      as      well      as      members winning       many         awards      at      International        competitions.

Helen Berrell